The following are excerpts from reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A deputy made contact on June 2 with a 64-year-old man who reported that two dogs had come onto his Highway 32 property at Licking and he had fired a gun to scare them away.

The man told the officer he left his house for a short time and when he returned he found that the dogs were back and were near a cage he keeps rabbits in. The man said he scared the dogs away again and then discovered they had bitten the legs off of all the rabbits.



The rabbits later died. The dogs’ owner was to be contacted.

•On June 7, a deputy was conducting paper service duties and attempting to make contact with a man at a Highway MM residence at Mountain Grove.

The officer spoke with a woman there who said the man was her father, but lived in Joplin. As the officer left, he was met by a gray pit bull that bit him on the inside of his leg, near the knee.

The dog’s bite didn’t break skin or damage clothing. The deputy advised the woman that if a report came in regarding the same dog biting someone else, it would be seized per state law. She said she understood.

Texas County Jail admissions

June 8

David Seydlitz – DWI

Charles L. Carr – possession of controlled substance

Benjamin J. Foster – possession of controlled substance, driving while revoked

Joshua Holt – possession of controlled substance

Julie Colvard – sentenced to DOC

Nathan Campbell – stealing

June 9

William Hawkins – possession of controlled substance

Karen D’Agostino – DWI

Michael E. Scranlin – resisting arrest

Jeffery A. Bauer – Cabool PD warrant

June 10

James L. Boyer – non-support

Clayton M. Payne – assault

Jessica M. Mitzel – DWI

Jody E. Spanton – illegal possession of firearm

James E. Coats – DWI, driving while revoked

June 11

Timothy C. Howell – DWI

Joyce A. Felix – possession of controlled substance

Daemeon Lundin – possession of controlled substance

June 12

Maria Santa – driving while revoked

June 13

Timothy Casso – Phelps County warrant

Dustin Rushin – DWI, driving while suspended

David Rodda Jr. – DWI

Jason E. Johnston – probation violation

Justin A. Foster – DWI

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