Tom Wurth will perform at the Melba on Saturday, June 15.

The Community Betterment and Arts Council of Houston is bringing Grammy-nominated Nashville artist Tom Wurth to the Melba Performing Arts Center in Houston on Saturday, June 15.

The first thing you may want to know about Wurth is that he is a Midwesterner, and no matter where he ventures those roots run deep, much like his single he wrote with Vince Gill, “Where I Belong.” He’s as real as it gets and there’s no pretense, just a man who loves what he does which is entertaining, interacting and hopefully, inspiring people with his music and storytelling. 


His love of a broad range of music is evident in every performance, but there is a core from which each selection radiates and that’s his own heart and soul. Wurth music is music pretty much everyone can identify with in some way, leaving that up to the listener. After all, music is as personal as anything.  

If you are a fan of singer-songwriters you will definitely hear a wide range of those. If you love straight-ahead country, he will be happy to tell you his favorite country song of all time and probably play that for you. If you want a toe-tapper or a gospel number, or if you venture to some soulful blues-tinged songs, look no further because his repertoire is packed with an eclectic mix of lyrics and melodies that relate the stories of life.

This is a guy who will have you wanting to sing along with songs you know, and have you wanting to learn new ones that may become your favorites. Hang onto those seats, because you are going to have an opportunity to really enjoy music on a personal level. Not only that, but you’ll have the chance to meet Wurth at the show.

You also won’t want to miss Wurth’s interesting stories on the songs, songwriters and musicians he has met along the way. People like the iconic Vince Gill; his friend and mentor, John Ford Coley (formerly of England Dan and John Ford Coley); the soulful country artist, T. Graham Brown; Tony Coleman (BB King’s drummer for years) and so many more who have shaped Wurth’s own music. 

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For tickets to the performance, call Elaine Campbell at 417-260-0043. The cost is $20, or $10 for students ages 12 to 17.

The Melba Performing Arts Center is located on Grand Avenue in downtown Houston.

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