From left: Mayor Willy Walker, Sheila Walker and Angie Gettys, all apparent winners on Tuesday.

Houston voters re-elected their mayor and two new members to the Houston City Council on Tuesday.

In very light balloting, two members were also elected to the Houston board of education. Only 14.2 percent made it to a poll. 

Tabulations were hindered by the need for technical help on equipment and provisional ballots related to a fire district issue, said Laura Crowley, county clerk. 

In the Houston voting precinct, Mayor Willie Walker won over Don Romines, 216-179, according to figures released Wednesday morning. Sheila Walker defeated Glen McKinney for the Ward II seat, 72-17. Angie Gettys won over incumbent Kim Bittle in Ward III, 123-66. 

Patrons of the Houston School District elected two new members after the incumbents did not seek re-election.  Jeff Crites and Charlie Malam were elected to three-year terms. The final count: Crites (383), Robert Harrington (208), Erin Abney (200), Brittany Salazar (83), Malam (488), Dustin Douglas (199) and Tanner Cantrell (100).

A measure to establish a Houston Rural Fire District lost at the Houston polling location, 222-213. Overall, the final count — with provisional ballots counted — shows it was defeated, 283-278. There was confusion on who should have voted on the levy.  On Friday, Crowley urged that anyone who thought they should have been eligible to vote, to ask for a provisional ballot. 

The counts for what would have been the first board of directors shows Sam Dortch (62) Kyle Hale (236) and Harold Breuning (155).  Hale had three additional provisional votes and Bruening one.


Rawly Gorman and Jeremy Rinne were elected to the Licking board of education, according to county voting. The count was Gorman (255), Heidi Moloney (194) and Jeremy Rinne (196).

At Plato, Tobias "Toby" Fletcher and Kristi Atterberry led in county voting. Texas County tabulations showed: Clinton Todd (22), Dalton Wade Quick (61), Michael L. Sternberg, (9) Fletcher (108),  Atterberry (79) and Michael Humphrey (53).

Raymondville School patrons elected Shelbi Dixon and Douglas Swan. The count was: Dixon (51), Allan Branstetter (19) and Swan (27)

At voting at Summersville School District, the county totals were: Sam Jewett (84), Max Racicot (16), Dustin H. Cooper (62), Eddie Ryan Jordan (22) and Samuel Peifer (51). Two terms were to be filled. 

In Texas County balloting, it was a close race for Cabool school board. The totals were: Chad Hunter (115), Steve Hawkins (172), Shelby Ellison (151) and Chelsea Melton (158).


Jerald Sigman was elected city marshal for Cabool over Rex Churchill, 144-16. 

At Licking, Danny Wade won over Kenneth Lewis, 22-14, in Ward I.


Michelle Wright won over Lonnie Grogan for Burdine Township treasurer, 174-86. 

In Pierce Township, Jeff Malam and Daryl Bradford won two positions. The total was: Malam (50), Bradford (42), Fred Wagner (29) and Troy Bradford (25). 

At Piney Township, Tim Malam and Marty Merckling were elected to board posts. The total: Jeremy Foster (346), Malam (531) and Marty Merckling (370). 

Sherrill Township selected two board members. Winning were: Ben Akers Jr. (202) and Rod Sullins (184). Also on the ballot was Robert D. Haneline (116).  

Final unofficial as of 12:15 p.m. Wednesday.


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