A Kansas man faces a felony charge after attempting to flee while in custody at the Texas County Jail on June 1.

Gilbert Olague Jr., 31, of Dodge City, Kan., is charged with escape or attempted escape while in custody for a felony (a class E felony).

A Texas County Sheriff’s Department deputy reported that he responded to a Casey’s General Store location in Cabool regarding a man claiming he was going to rob the store. Upon arrival, the deputy found that Cabool police had the man – Olague – in custody.

Cabool police reportedly advised the deputy that Olague had a probation warrant out of Kansas and requested that he be taken to the Texas County Jail and placed on a 24-hour hold pending charges of burglary and kidnapping. After being taken to jail, Olague was reportedly placed on the intake bench and his left wrist was handcuffed to it.

But while paperwork was being completed, Olague reportedly pulled his hand out of the handcuff and ran past the deputy. The officer reported taking Olague to the ground and placing him in handcuffs behind his back.

Olague was then taken to a rubber room, and jail staff observed that he had two cuts on his wrist sustained from removing the handcuff.

The deputy reported that a review of Olague’s lengthy criminal history showed previous charges of robbery, kidnapping, assault and burglary. He was also found to be on probation and parole for a rape charge in Kansas.

Olague’s bond for the burglary and kidnapping charges from the Cabool incident was set at $200,000. The bond for the attempted escape charge was set at $250,000 on July 12.

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