A Houston man faces a serious felony charge and is held without bond in the Texas County Jail after a reported assault of a woman Friday.

Reed E. Ford, 27, of 17769 Highway B in Houston, is charged with first-degree domestic assault (a class A felony) and armed criminal action (an unclassified felony). 

Texas County Sheriff Scott Lindsey said on Sept. 6, a deputy was dispatched to Texas County Memorial Hospital to contact a woman who was reportedly the victim. Upon arrival, the officer discovered she had severe injuries. 

Lindsey said the woman told the deputy she had been assaulted by Ford on Sept. 4 at a residence on Highway B east of Houston, indicating she was punched, hit with a stick, had her eyes gouged and had her throat cut for  about two inches with a sharp object. The deputy and medical personnel observed injuries consistent with a brutal attack. Pieces of the woman’s tongue were missing, which was a result of Ford biting it, she said. She was observed with a large hole in her left cheek.

A man who was with the victim at the hospital – Ford – was taken into custody and interviewed.  Texas County assistant prosecuting attorney Jason MacPherson later charged him with the two felonies.

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