Members of the Houston City Council received an update last week on construction of a fiber-to-home internet system. 

Acting on a recommendation from the city’s utility committee, the Houston City Council last week set rates for its high-speed internet service that offers speeds up to 1 gig.

The council also authorized exploring the costs of hiring an additional crew to deploy the system faster. Currently, a contracted crew is constructing a ring that circles the city and customers will feed from that. The first to join will be the Houston School District and the City of Houston, which will allow it to more efficiently deploy phase I of an automatic utility metering system.

Installation of system equipment has been delayed at the Houston Storm Shelter. The vendor, Nokia, slowed technicians from re-entering the workplace due to COVID-19 concerns. It is now doing its March work. Houston’s job had been slated for August.

Chairman Kevin Stilley said hiring an additional crew might allow the city to string wire and extend connections to homes and businesses while waiting on Nokia and more quickly generate income to pay for the $1.8 million system when it goes live.

There are two fiber categories, residential and business.

Here is the breakdown:



Bronze —  25 Mbps — $30

Silver — 50 Mbps — $55

Gold — 100 Mbps — $70

Platinum — 1 Gbps — $90



Basic — 50 Mbps — $75

Bronze — 100 Mbps — $125

Silver — 250 Mbps — $170

Gold — 500 Gbps — $210

Platinum — 1 Gbps — $250

Installation will cost $100; equipment rental is $3 monthly for residential and $5 for commercial.

The utility committee is comprised of chairman Kevin Stilley and members Michael Weakly and Ross Richardson. The full council unanimously agreed to the recommendations.

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