Texas County elected a new public administrator in balloting Tuesday.

Tina Garrett of Licking won over two challengers to take the post held by Connie Thompson, who did not seek re-election. The vote was Garrett (2,097), Ashley Mayfield Applegate (1,573) and Shalena Purcell (985).

A Republican, Garrett faces no opposition in November.

It was the only county-wide race on the ballot. About 36 percent of the county’s registered voters — 5,773 — made it to precincts.

Bennie Cook of Houston will be the next state representative in the 142nd District. The tally was Cook (3,102), Terry Brown (2,821) and David Giarratano (297). Brown won in precincts that included parts of Howell, Pulaski and Phelps counties.


Cook won in Texas County. The tally was Cook (2,721), Brown (2,035) and Giarratano (206)

Cook, a Republican, faces no opposition in November. Incumbent Robert Ross could not seek re-election due to term limits.

Rep. Karla Eslinger was the apparent winner in the Republican primary in the 33rd Senate District. She won over Ross and former State Rep. Van Kelly to capture the race by the narrowest of margins. The count was Eslinger (12,701), Ross (12,559) and Kelly (8,958). Eslinger won in Douglas, Howell, Webster and Ozark counties. Ross took Oregon, Texas and Ripley. Kelly won in Wright County. Eslinger will face Democrat Tammy Harty in November. Sen. Mike Cunningham couldn’t run again because of term limits.

In balloting in Texas County, Ross won easily over opponents Eslinger and Kelly. The vote was Ross (3,101), Eslinger (1,037) and Kelly (848).


Texas County voters easily pushed back on expanding Medicaid. The vote was 4,045-1,632. The measure passed in Missouri, which will become the 38th state to adopt it. 

Missouri Secretary of State website: https://enr.sos.mo.gov/

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