Area residents have the opportunity to complete a survey that will be used to better understand the local job market. 

A firm working on a labor survey of the Houston market is conducting a survey to help the community retain and attract new job opportunities.

Rob O’Brian, who operates a Joplin consulting company, is completing the work, said Rob Harrington, economic development head for the City of Houston. When completed, the document will give a complete picture of employment and wages for the area. Earlier, members of the Houston City Council hired the firm.

O’Brian,  a former head of the Joplin Chamber of Commerce before retiring after 23 years, said his company will work to identify those currently employed or possibly coming back into the labor force. Additionally, it will look at wages, benefits and include research not only about Houston and Texas County, but the surrounding eight counties.

The aim is to help existing employers grow and attract new companies to the area.

The final report will also look at other data that is routinely collected by federal agencies, said O’Brian, who recently visited with about a half dozen local employers who will have access to the information to compare with their own salary and benefits.

O’Brian is also working with the Houston Area Chamber of Commerce to gather information.

Answering the questions just takes a few minutes and all answers will be anonymous and contain no identifying information, O’Brian said. There are 18 questions. Participants are asked such questions if they are employed, the type of work done, a zip code, if they are happy with their employment and about their commute. It should take less than four minutes to complete.

Here’s how you can participate:

•At Houston Walmart Supercenter, Aug. 16-17.

•Online at:

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