Faith Baptist Church held its annual homecoming in Houston recently. 

A religious organization that is headquartered in Houston held a recent gathering at the Houston Area Chamber of Commerce fairgrounds on North U.S. 63.

Faith Baptist Church held its annual homecoming event in Houston rather than Branson due the spread of coronavirus.

Pastor Everett Ramsey said he approached the chamber about renting the building after talking to Bruce Scheets, president, and Angie Miller-Quinlan, executive director. The church also committed to making several repairs to aid the chamber. Those improvements including attention for the kitchen.

After a Sept. 20 worship service, many converged on the building to start the shine up. More than 20 worked the rest of that Sunday, cleaning chairs, mopping the bathroom and cleaning them, painting the front doors and other things.

Linda Nuttman spent four days cleaning a stove and other kitchen appliances. Organizers also mopped bathroom and kitchen floors before and after the event. Others worked to replace a closet door knob set, cleaning and painting the stage floor and front and building a handrail for the steps to the stage. All tables and chairs were cleaned and set up for use during the event. Several ceiling tiles with water stains were replaced and the entire building and ducts were sanitized with 24-hour ozone treatment that kills molds and viruses.

Faith Baptist also paid for a plumber to make some repairs.


More than 200 people attended the event, coming from Alaska and most states. Seven pastors attended from Idaho, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas. Youth attended, and some provided special music. A family from Oklahoma oversaw congregational singing — one using a grand piano rented from Piano Crafters in Springfield.

Organizers said motels filled, restaurants fed many and gasoline was purchased. All catered food, supplies and materials were purchased locally. The group said they hope other churches can step up and help the chamber and its leaders. “With event centers being built all over the area, the community building can be the best one, bringing dollars to the area, if we can help keep it in good rentable condition,” it stated in a press release.

Organizers thanked the chamber, city police and county sheriff’s department for assisting.

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