The following are excerpts from just some of the reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A deputy responded Dec. 8 to a report of a drug overdose at a Burton Branch Road residence at Bucyrus.

The officer made contact with two men in the driveway who were with another man who was sitting on the ground. The man sitting down, 58, appeared to be drowsy and told the deputy he had injected heroin but wasn’t sure how long ago.

The man was wet due to the other two men spraying him with a hose to bring him to consciousness. He was taken to Texas County Memorial Hospital.

•Kyle D. Akers, 27, of 140 Wilson Ave. at Raymondville, was arrested Dec. 22 for having seven active Texas County warrants.

A deputy made the arrest at Akers’ residence after receiving a tip that he was there. He was taken to jail and held without bond on the capias warrants.

Charges on the warrants included felonies of six counts of passing bad checks and four counts of stealing more than $750, along with misdemeanors of receiving stolen property and deceptive business practice.

•A deputy was dispatched Dec. 26 regarding a report of an unidentified boy showing up at McCall Road residence at Mountain Grove.

A man there told 911 he did not know the boy and no adults were with him, and that he had no shoes on and asked to come inside and warm up. The officer was advised that a man with the Mountain Grove Fire Department was looking for a boy and picked him up before the officer arrived.

The deputy spoke with the boy’s mother, who said he is autistic and had left while she was in the shower.

•A deputy responded on Dec. 24 to a report of property damage at a Highway B residence at Houston.

A 30-year-old man there told the officer his house had been broken into and someone had poured bleach on a TV, video game console and mattress. A suspect was named.

•A deputy was dispatched Dec. 30 regarding a report of a vehicle fire at a Highway W residence at Summersville.

A 71-year-old man there told the officer he had been informed by a neighbor at about 6:45 a.m. and discovered a Dodge Dakota pickup and a Ford flatbed truck burning on his property. The neighbor’s surveillance video was to be viewed and investigation is ongoing.

•A 47-year-old woman reported on Dec. 18 that 13 cattle with a total value of $13,900 were missing from her Lynch Drive property.

The woman told an investigating deputy about seven went missing in September, three in October and three in December. There are no suspects.

Texas County Jail admissions

Dec. 28

Amy C. Lawson – 48-hour commitment

Frank Thompson Jr. – unlawful use of weapon

Curtis R. Durham – expired license

Kara R. Happel – driving while revoked

Kaitlyn M. Rightnowar – stealing

Dec. 29

Roger R. Morgan – driving while revoked

Dec. 30

Sarah E. Walker – delivery of controlled substance

Victoria William – failure to appear

Dec. 31

Zachary Holt – probation and parole warrant

Charlot Forbs – failure to drive in single lane

Jeremy Breedlove – trespassing

Brooke L. Wade – DWI

Jan. 1

Tammy Peden – DWI

Amanda A. Bailey – burglary, stealing

Jacob M. Hatcher – parole warrant

Chad W. Hutsell – driving while revoked

Kady D. Carter – 48-hour commitment

Jan. 2

Joshua W. Young – probation and parole warrant

Eric B. Branson – non-support

Susan I. Gould – driving while suspended

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