Inside the pantry

The Texas County Food Pantry is dedicated to serving people in our community who find themselves in need of a helping hand.

Here are some numbers showing how we helped people during August 2019.

•Food assistance: 487 households.

•One-time assistance: 173 Individuals.

•Total individuals assisted: 1,044.

Also, the local Salvation Army assisted 17 households and 31 individuals. Assistance costs for the month of August totaled $5,907.28, and financial donations totaled $680. 

In the past, food has been picked up by some pretty amazing volunteers and taken to outlying sites in Summersville, Cabool and Plato. Due to policy changes with our food distributor and the sad loss of one of our outstanding volunteers, Jim Hathaway, food services will no longer be held at the Cabool or Plato offsite locations as of this October. Clients from these locations will be able to receive food commodities at the Houston location on the same day, the second Wednesday of the month.

Any clients who cannot make it to the Houston location are encouraged to make arrangements with the Food Pantry for alternative pick-up. Summersville will remain as an off-site location thanks to the hard work and dedication from our volunteers located at this site.

Speaking of volunteers, we need ’em! If you have extra time on your hands, come spend it here with John, Debbie or Frank! You can help in our food department stocking shelves, in our clothing area sorting and preparing clothes for sale or cleaning and preparing merchandise to go in our thrift store. Volunteers keep our thrift store running and income from the store is what keeps the lights on in the Food Pantry and our big behemoth coolers/freezers cold for food products. Do you want to help the Food Pantry help others but you don’t have time to volunteer? Then help us by shopping our thrift store! There’s new merchandise everyday! 

So if the thrift store keeps the lights on, what is paying our food bill? Your worn out material goods! That’s right! Bring us your grass stained lawn mowing sneakers, your hair dye stained towels, your worn out purses and belts, grandma’s outdated wardrobe, baby Johnny’s too-much-loved teddy bear, exhausted bed sheets and your paint stained T-shirt from your sister’s “painting party” she said would be fun.

Yeah, right; when was painting ever fun? Now don’t get me wrong, we are very particular about what we keep to sell or give away and what we send off to be recycled. And when I say we open every bag, I mean we OPEN EVERY BAG, because we want to do our best. Our No. 1 goal when it comes to your donations – material or financial – is to use them in the most beneficial way that makes you, the donor, happy to the best of our ability. But no matter what, your donated goods go toward helping your community.

Do you want to give us a helping hand in the material donation department? It is not a requirement for donated goods but if you mark bags of soft goods with a clear “for recycle,” it helps us a lot.

The Texas County Food Pantry would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their donations for our new outdoor seating: Progressive Ozark Bank, Chilton Oil Co., Evans Funeral Home, Houston Ministerial Alliance, The Bank of Houston and Guy and Melissa Ceplina (Gus is our board president). 

And last but not least, the Food Pantry would like to ask for your help in congratulating our August volunteer/staff member of the month, Marjorie Brackett of Houston. Marjorie has done a wonderful job providing a helping hand when we needed it most! She helps in the thrift store stocking shelves and running the cash register. We are very thankful to have her.  

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