Details for hamilton seed position 1-7-21



Be part of a team that grows, cleans, and sells native
grass and wildflower seed for wildlife habitat, grazing, ecosystem restoration, and landscaping.
Shipping & Receiving: Picking orders to be shipped. Must be
detail oriented, able to perform high quality work and lift 50
lb. bags.
Seed Cleaner: Operating machinery including tractors and seed
cleaners. Need to be highly motivated to learn 200+ kinds of
plants by their seed to be part of our seed processing team.
Equipment Operator: Seed harvesting, seed cleaning, rogueing
weeds from fields and out of town harvest. Operating standard pickup with trailer and farm machinery is desirable.
Office/Sales: Basic computer skills, answering the phone, replying to questions, taking orders and providing good customer service. Basic math and experience using Word and
Excel is very valuable.
Writer: Producing blog, social media, website and magazine
articles. Must enjoy the process of writing about agriculture
and natural resources.
Excel Specialist: Create Excel files with advanced formulas
and macros. Good communication and math skills necessary,
knowledge in networking and software maintenance is valuable.
Please check our Facebook page for more information. This is
a great opportunity to work with natural resources and agriculture. Call Hamilton Native Outpost at 417-967-2190 if you
are interested. No smoking is allowed on the job; pay will be
based on experience and abilities.


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