One person is charged in the Tinkerbell case, the cat who was set on fire last month and died Monday.

Texas County Prosecuting Attorney Mike Anderson filed felony charges Thursday against Collin J. Beesler, 17, of 704 First St. in Cabool.

As a result of his alleged involvement in a late June incident in which Tinkerbell, a young female cat was intentionally set on fire in Cabool, Beesler is charged with animal abuse/torture/mutilation while animal was alive - persistent offender, a felony. He is being held in the Texas County Jail. Bond was set at $75,000, according to online court documents.

A complaint filed with the Texas County Associate Circuit Court indicates that Beesler purposely set the cat on fire using lighter fluid on June 21 at about 10:15 p.m. A probable cause statement issued by the Cabool Police Department indicates that a juvenile male was also involved, and that Beesler told investigators he held Tinkerbell while the juvenile sprayed lighter fluid on her and then set the cat on the ground before the accomplice lit the fire. Cabool authorities said Friday that the juvenile suspect, who is reportedly 16, has been referred to juvenile authorities. The police statement said Beesler was arrested on July 16 at 7:30 p.m.

Tinkerbell died Monday due to extensive infection caused by burns over most of her body.

The Houston Herald earlier this week received information indicating that the Cabool Police Department had identified two suspects in the case. Additional information is being sought and will be presented when available.

EARLIER: The saga of Tinkerbell, the small, young female cat that was intentionally burned in a late June incident in Cabool, ended at about noon Monday when she died at Texas County Veterinary Clinic in Houston.

The Cabool Police Department said the case has been turned over to the Texas County prosecutor's office and that charges are pending against two persons. On Wednesday morning, a prosecutor's office representative said the case was still in the review process and a decision reached  within a week or two.

Dr. Steven Root said Tinkerbell's body basically shut down, unable to fight off massive infection resulting from her burn injuries and subsequent extensive skin loss.

"The infection went septic and caused her to go into multi-organ system failure," Root said. "The infection was just too much for her little body to fight."

Before her death, Tinkerbell's situation had worsened to the point that she had been put on IVs and was being tube-fed.

"Though all of this, I never once suggested putting her down because she kept such a positive attitude," Root said. "It got to be where 80 to 90 percent of her body was open wound.

"You hate to lose her, but she's not suffering now and that's all a person can say that's good about it."

On a Facebook page called "Justice for Tinkerbell" that was set up by The Animal Shelter of Texas County, comments from people all over the United States had been posted since the cat's story became public, including ones from California, Florida, Pennsylvania and Utah.

A few concerned individuals even donated to a fund to cover Tinkerbell's medical bills, including a young local girl who contributed her "Tooth Fairy money" of $1 to the cause.

Shelter President Rita Romines said Tinkerbell's body would be cremated and a garden complete with a gravestone would be created in her honor on the shelter grounds.



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Being a cat lover for my whole life, this story of Tinkerbell touched my heart. I have 2 cats whom I thought I had lost in the mountains of Utah just a few days ago, but they are home and safe now. I just can't imagine why people would do such a thing to an animal, any animal for that matter. Something is wrong with their wiring to even conceive just horrible things. Tinkerbell is at peace and romping in Heaven. Justice will be served for her. RIP Tinkerbell. God Bless those who cared for her and for a beautiful tribute to her in a garden at the animal shelter.

Shamrock shady

I dont agree with you Eddy, this is a very demented person who would do this to an animal and Im sure if you read the FBI human behavior study case files on these type people he will no doupt be in trouble again. This is a serial killer in the making. This person who could do something to an animal would have no problem doing the same to another human being and this person needs help. He should be locked up and studied because he has issues. He is even smirking in his police photo. He is sick and needs locked up for sure. This person should have the book thrown and him and please dont let this individual slide through the cracks because if we do, you will read about this demented individual again committing crimes like this or worse. Sick Individual.

Laureen Wheeler

OK, let's see? This "sub-human" sets a cat on fire and Eddy (see comment below) doesn't think he should spend time in jail for it? I guess you (Eddy) would probably let him pet sit for you as well. I hope this 17 year-old idiot is removed from society. Have you ever heard of Jeffery Dahmer? How about Ted Bundy? I wonder if you (Eddy) can guess what they were up to when they were teenagers? I can assure you it wasn't playing video games. These assholes were torturing animals. And guess what Eddy? They grew out of it and started on HUMANS!

Hugo Sanchez

He should be set on fire. It is worse to hurt a defenseless animal than another human fighting you. An animal cannot defend itself. Someone who tortures an animal is going to move on to humans next. THis guy needs to be burned himself.

Hugo Sanchez

Why do some take a story about one type of injustice or evil that demand an outcry from society, and inisist that their own personal (unrelated) favorite injustice is more important? That if it doesn't correspond to their own personal agenda, any other trial in this court case should be completely negated?

Steven Hulbert

Beesler has serious problems just like you Eddy. Beesler is an abuser of animals and has no right under any circumstances to commit such a heinous crime. He should be psychologically evaluated and then locked up for 20 years because he cannot be rehabilitated as most like him never have been. Eddy, your views show your basically a liberal who doesnt believe in punishment for atrocitites like this. Would u feel the same way if Beesler burned down your house while u were gone just because he wanted to? You cant guarantee that he wont commit the same crime or something worse again so try and find a soul Eddy, because you dont have one.

Terri G
MiraBella N Lexie Doxhoont

Eddy, you amaze me. Beesler was charged as a persistant offender which means he has done things like this before. It is a proven criminological and psychological fact that people who torture, abuse and kill animals move on to humans so your spouting off about how justice is not being served is a crock. Do you have children, you are going off about people who defend pets advocate abortion. How would you feel if he got off and your kid, or your family member was next to be doused with an accelerant and set fire? On top of that how do you know that people who support animal rights advocate abortion? I support animal rights and I most definitely do not advocate abortion. What does the fact of the nations economy have to do with people wanting to advocate for animals rights? If there weren't people to advocate for those who have no voice then late term abortions would be an acceptable thing. Either way it is advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Cruelty is cruelty no matter what the shape of the life form that has it inflicted on it. An unborn child feels as much pain as a cat that was doused with an accelerant and set fire. What makes a human any better than an animal? Animals do not torture and maim for their sick personal entertainment, Animals do not abort their unwanted babies. Humans do. So stop and think we may be made in God's image but which being is more Godly, the animal that kills only to feed itself and/or its offspring or a human who kills for convenience, entertainment and so on.

Harming another living being is wrong no matter what the form of the being. Your statement shows your intolerance and lack of understanding of what truly constitutes being Godly. Just because we were allegedly created in God's image does not give us license to maim and torture innocents that depend on us for EVERYTHING

I am a pre-law student currently majoring in Criminology and psychology. I plan to go obtain law degrees in Criminal Law and Animal Rights Law because people like you inspire the need for lawyers that can and will advocate for abused animals by sick people. If you stop and take a look at it the history of this individual is truly frightening. He has done this before or he would not receive the label of persistent offender.

Carol Middleton

This "kid" doesn't deserve to to be classified as a human being for it's obvious he is a devious monster incapable of feeling toward another living creature; he should be locked away for good. Too bad his mother didn't do society a favor and have her pregnancy ended when he was conceived. Sickening....

Susan Scaduto

This animal that's what it is I wouldn't even call him a human being should get a maxium of at least 5- 10 years not in juvvie but in jail with the BIG BOYS. Then we'll see if he can handle himself wwith others like him and not defenseless animals

Sean Guffey

Cut his balls off and do society a favor

Nuria Rodriguez

What the hell kind of animals are people raising? There are 7 billion humans on this planet, one less won't hurt. Take him out into the middle of the ocean and drop him. But first, set his ass on fire. I hope he goes to jail, and gets gang raped daily and for the rest of his life never knows a moments peace.

Suzanne Fontenot-Williams

To accept this kind of activity as unpunishable is a slap in the face EDDY! And he has done this before. So there is a pattern. How about we let him date your daughter?

Amber Ruth

What a disgrace of a human being. Hey parents, imagine what this guy is going to do with your daughters once he is alone with them. It all starts with animal abuse... your daughters are next! Do the right thing and push for a harsh punishment. He knows right from wrong... old enough to do the crime, old enough to pay for it...

Dee Morgan

L@@K at his mug shot....clearly the eyes are the windows to the soul and this CREATURE has NONE! Believe me, I taught high school for 31 years and have seen this "I don't give a @#%!" look before....and as a repeat offender, he needs to be incarcerated!!! And he's on a curfew and basically a slap on the wrist? What will be do NEXT time? And his partner in crime is still out there...doing God knows what. It is time to send a clear and definite message to animal abusers that this will NOT be tolerated in out society! Which state is going to step up and really send this message home!??
@ Suzanne Fontenot-Williams...I love your comment about letting him "date your daughter"!

Diana Roman

Hello, I have not read Eddy's comment and it is gone. Can anyone post what he said? Thank you.

tonya francis

this teenager needs BIG JAIL TIME,,no doubt he has bad issues that need dealt with now.....

Derby Doo

Whats with the A-Hole smirk on his face??

Terree Moore

Man.... that punk makes me sick....and he will die a painful death just like the poor kitty...

christine gatto

This punk needs to be sprayed with lighter fluid and set onfire!! People like him make me sick. Who are what will his next victume be? They need to give him some seriious jail time with counsling before he does this to a child!!! Hope someone takes care of him !!!!!

Lisa Kostenick

I agree w/every person on here, except this brainless 'Eddy' that everybody is talking about. I have no clue what he said, but it's quite obvious he's an idiot.
There BETTER be some SERIOUS jail time for this piece of **** and his piece of **** accomplice! What are the laws in Texas? Can somebody please fill me in as to what it's expected they will get??? What can I do, who can I write, what petition can I sign to make sure the judge lets these evil scum pay dearly for what they did??!!! (Somebody on fb mentioned that "they will know what it's like to be burned alive when they're in hell"! I completely agree!! Send 'em to prison w/the big boyz and let them have 'em!!)

Lisa Kostenick

P.S. I hope these losers are in hiding! Will the locals of this area tell me what the general consensus is around town in regards to these punks?? Please tell me that they can't go anywhere without being threatened and spit upon!!

nicole s
Nicole DiBona

i think this young man should take off his clothes and should be set on fire. why not? better yet, send him to Jail so that Big Bubba can have his way with him and then set on fire. yeah, let him be scared shitless first and then in immense pain. i think this kid is a serial killer or rapist in the making. i hope he gets the maxium time allowed with no time served. we all know what you look like kid. you can't hide those big ears!

Shelia Kidd

My heart is breaking for this little kitty, Tinkerbell! I can't stop thinking about how accepting she was to these strangers who put her through so much pain and brutally took her life! She only wanted affection and they took joy in giving her harm. Are you happy with yourselves, you brutal insensitive people? How did you shut out the purring and pawing for affection as you set her on fire? Only pure evil could do that! She was an innocent little being, very trusting and you just had to have your fun. Were you that bored? Are you that evil? I hope this haunts you for the rest of your lives! I'm just thankful and happy that she was able to live out the last days in peace with people who worked hard to keep her comfortable. RIP Tinkerbell. You are not forgotten and you will receive justice!!

Lorena Hooper

Serial killer in the making.Penalties need to be harsher.

Ruzica Mirkovic

Next serial killer, sociopath!!!!

Jan Fredericks

Evil is alive and well in the world. Hopefully Texas will discipline people who do evil to anything living with the highest regard. They are God's creatures and God will hold everyone accountable someday for every creature (as the Bible states).
If Churches taught about kindness to animals as it should be, we would have a much more compassionate world as God is compassionate to all of His animals.
Start now Texas, and show how you are truly ambassadors for God if you are.....
God's Creatures Ministry

Jan Fredericks

He should know how it feels to have a match to his finger =--- and then see how this poor innocent cat felt to have his body in flames.

Jacqui Gritsch

This sub-human, Collin Beesler, and his accomplice, Dalton Harrison need to be punished to the full extent of the law. The best punishment for both of them would be if they received the same treatment that they gave to the sweet, innocent cat. In my book, nothing less would suffice as punishment. They are both going to graduate to killing humans, as has been shown many times. When you look at the history of serial killers, they all started out doing horrible things to animals and then moved on to humans. If you can't give them the same treatment that they gave to the cat, then at least lock them up for life, without the possibility of parole. Or, give them the death penalty, which would be my preferred choice. Evil sub-humans, such as these two, should not be allowed to walk on this Earth.

Paula Burrell

First off, my heart goes out to this poor cat! Although her abuser was caught, there are so many that go unpunished for these unthinkable crimes of animal abuse and torture. I believe every state should have stricter laws and punishments for these criminals. It is so pathetic that anyone can find joy in harming a defenseless creature like this. I hope 'is punishment fits his crime. He should be dealt with severely! As for Tinkerbell, I honestly believe she should have been put to sleep. In my opinion that would have been the humane thing to do. The pain she must have endured being kept alive, from these burns must have been horrendous.

Thomas Aitken

Poor cat. No matter how much you dislike, or think a cat is annoying, you should never do something like this to them. I have to put up with a 17 year old cat that screams like it's either dying, or in labor all night long. Does it irritate the piss outta me? YES! Do I want to send it flying down the stairs? YES!!!! But do I do anything to hurt it? NO!! Hurting an animal is wrong. Besides, it's much more fun to wait until a cat is sleeping, and get even by making a catacopter. And how to make a catacopter you ask? Wait until cat is sleeping. Sneak up on sleeping cat. Take both hands and raise into the air. Slam down on both sides causing cat to waken and fly into air. No harm, no injury. Just pissed off cat, who "MAY" get even with you. I stress MAY. They are funny, unique and intelligent creatures. I miss my little black kiki (cat). She is soo sweet and cute.