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The Houston City Council meets the first and third of each month at city hall. Meeting time is at 6:30 p.m.


Mayor Don Tottingham

Office: Houston City Hall

Term expires May 1, 2019 • 417-967-3348 (daytime)


Ward I Alderman Donnie Wilson

Term expires May 1, 2019

627 Oak Hill Drive • 417-274-1497 


Ward I Alderman Joe Honeycutt

Term expires May 1, 2018

118 Wyn Drive • 417-967-4338 (home)


Ward II Alderman Jeremy St. John

Term expires May 1, 2019

826 Ozark St. • 417-217-2161


Ward II Alderwoman Sheila Walker

Term expires May 1, 2018

Airport Road • 417-260-5132


Ward III Alderwoman Kim Bittle

Term expires May 1, 2019

1000 Cedar Ridge St. • 417-967-2154


Ward III Alderwoman Viki Narancich

Term expires May 1, 2018

103 Ashley Lane • 417-300-7745


Members of the Houston City Council serve on several committees overseeing segments of city government. 

Public grounds and airport: Joe Honeycutt, chair; Jeremy St. John and Viki Narancich.

Utilities and buildings: Jeremy St. John, chair; Joe Honeycutt and Viki Narancich.

Economic development: Kim Bittle, chair; Joe Honeycutt and Jeremy St. John.

Finance: Sheila Walker, chair; Donnie Wilson and Kim Bittle.

Personnel: Donnie Wilson, chair; Sheila Walker and Kim Bittle.

Police and Fire: Viki Narancich, chairwoman; Donnie Wilson and Sheila Walker. 


City Administrator Tona Bowen

Office: Second floor, Houston City Hall • 417-967-3348

The city administrator answers directly to the Houston City Council. He is responsible for the general administration of the city, appointing department heads, program coordination and the implementation of policies.


City Clerk (Vacant)

Office: Houston City Hall

 • 417-967-3348

The city clerk serves as the secretary to the city council and is responsible for keeping records of official city business, including minutes, resolutions and ordinances.

Other city hall employees include: Account and City Court Clerk Angie Long, Utility Clerk Heather Sponsler, Development Director Elaine Campbell and Parks Director Drew Jordan.


City Attorney Brad Eidson

112 E. Main • 417-967-4747

The city attorney provides legal advice and support for the city council, city staff and boards. He also prepares all ordinances, resolutions, contracts and leases for the city.


City Police Chief Tim Ceplina

Office: Houston City Hall • 417-967-3348

When city hall is closed, call 417-967-5558 or 911 to report an emergency.

The police department provides crime prevention and protective services.

Other leaders: Muncipal judge, Mike Anderson; fire chief, Joey Moore; treasurer, Bruce Wilson; and emergency management director Jeremy St. John. 



Electric: Mike Williams, supervisor; Scott McKinney and Jarad Crews.

Grounds and Streets: Joe Kirkman, supervisor; Steve Floyd and Travis Campbell. The city also hires seasonal help.

Incarcerated work crew: Jimmy Jones, supervisor

Public Transportation: John McCloud, supervisor

Wastewater treatment plant:  Jerry Jackson and Joe Mainer.

Water-sewer: Harley Coulter, supervisor; Bobby Richards and Keith Hamilton.

Economic Development: Vacant - Houston city administrator handling department.


Several Houston residents donate much time toward the betterment of the community. They are:

Industrial Development Board: Justin Shelby, 2022; Eric Wells, 2020; Tom Dunn, 2021; chair Carl Honeycutt, 2018; and Brad Rees, 2019.

Houston Park Board: Justin Brown; Brad Evans; Missy Gayer; Jerry Spencer; Michael Pacheco; Trevor Ozier; Jeff Richardson; Fawn Bell, president; Rachel & Mike Kelly, alternates; and Heather Sponsler, secretary.

Houston Planning and Zoning Commission: Carl Honeycutt, 2019; chair Steve Hutcheson, 2019; Willie Johnson, 2018; held formerly by Rita Ruckert (vacant), 2018; Joe Stockard, 2020; Charles Shea, 2020; Angie Gettys, 2021; Mayor Don Tottingham, City Administrator Tona Bowen, City Councilmen Jeremy St. John and Donnie Wilson. 

Board of Adjustment: Gene Gentry, 2021; John Stenger, 2020; Dennis Maxwell, 2018; Bonnie McElroy, 2022; and chair Roger Holder, 2019.

Updated 12-8-2017


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